HStAD Fonds H 12 Darmstadt No 10133

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Description: Civil trial record

Identification (trial record)

Life span 

(1957), 1968-1970, (1976, 1978, 1980)

Provenance (justice)

Judicial file number 

10 O (Entsch.) 24/68; 8 U 11/70 - E -

Further information (trial record)

Facts of the case 

Schaden an Körper und Gesundheit


Name of person 

Grundman, Karola-Atara geb. Feder

Date of birth 


Place of birth 

Sosnowiec (Polen)

Place of residence 

Nes Ziona (Israel)


Name of person 

Land Hessen


Action Type Name Access Info
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