UBA Ffm Fonds Na 1 No 1039

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Description: Case file



Sonderdrucke und Schriften von David Riesman, Eric Larrabee, Evelyn T. Riesman, Mark Benney, Shirley A. Star und Kurt Riezler

Life span 

1946 - 1957

Former identifier 

XVI.1158 - XVI.1176


Includes  u.a.

David Riesman & Eric Larrabee: "The Executive as Hero". In: Fortune. 1955. Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1158)

David Riesman: "The Oral Tradition, the Written Word, and the Screen Image". In: Antioch College Founders Day Lecture. No. 1. 1955. Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1159)

David Riesman: "Psychological Types and National Character". In American Quaterly. Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1160)

David Riesman: "The American Scene in Commentary's Mirror". In: Commentary. Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1161)

David Riesman & Evelyn T. Riesman: "Movies and Audiences". In: American Quaterly. Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1162)

David Riesman: Buchbesprechung. In: Commentary. Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1163)

David Riesman & Eric Larrabee: "Company-Town Pastorals: The Role of Business in 'Executive Suite'". In: Mass Culture: The Popular Arts in America. Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1164)

David Riesman & Mark Benney: "The Sociology of the Interview". In: The Midwest Sociologist. Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1165)

David Riesman: "Political Communication and Social Structure in the United States". In: The Public Opinion Quaterly. Vol. XX. No. 1. Frühjahr 1956. Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1165a)

David Riesman: "The Found Generation". In: The American Scholar. Vol. 25. No. 4. 1956. Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1166)

David Riesman, Mark Benney & Shirley A. Star: "Age and Sex in the Interview". In: The American Journal of Sociology. Vol. LXII. No. 2. 1956. Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1167)

David Riesman & Mark Benney: "Asking and Answering". In: The Journal of Business of the University of Chicago. Vol. XXIX. No. 4. 1956. Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1168)

David Riesman: "Law and Sociology: Recruitment, Training and Colleagueship". In: Stanford Law Review. Vol. 9. No. 4. 1957 (S. XVI.1169)

David Riesman: "The Suburban Dislocation". In: The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Vol. 314. 1957. Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1170)

David Riesman: "Some Continuities and Discontinuities in the Education of Women". Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1171)

Evelyn T. Riesman: Buchbesprechung. In: Book Reviews. 1950. Sonderdruck (S. XVI.1172)


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